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Same here. Oh well.

I just received an email from that the order is canceled per lack of availability. 

after sending Indigo 2 separate messages they finally replied and the Cormac books actually shipping doesn't sound good, but pretty much what I was expecting. they were on sale for a very long time but I ordered shortly after they posted so I'm wondering if they got any at all. 


That’s not great. When did you place your order? 

Mine was after yours-so probably dead.  That means I ordered 10 and got 3.  Only 2 of 3 were signed. So I'm at a Bob Euckeresque batting average for this one. 

2 out of 3 ain’t bad considering there’s folk who got zero 

surprised wasn’t limited to one 

Well not a lot to talk about so far this year so... Let's talk about if anyone here in the States received their order from Indigo's constant delays on receiving Cormac McCarthy's 'Passenger Box Set' signed? They keep sending me emails apologizing for the delay and any inconvenience this has caused,but so far nothing yet! Anyone? 

I'm in the UK and received my copy from Barnes and Noble yesterday and it is signed and arrived undamaged. 

Same from Indigo for me too

just got my latest reply from Indigo and it pretty much reads like they are saying we will more than likely never get them, without actually saying that of course. they don't charge until it ships so I am going to leave my order live just in case a miracle happens and they do eventually get some


Yeah-they ain't coming.  Sadly it's looking like if you didn't get one already and have to have one-you're either trading for it or going to places like eBay or The Strand for $700-800.

Amazon fr just canceled my order.



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