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Same. Expected.  Still annoyed never got one sadly 

i cancelled Amazon fr ages ago.  No way they were getting them if U S. Amazon didn't have them and it was the U.S. edition. 

Indigo won't be coming either.  If you don't have one by now- it's not coming unless you buy secondary market. 

Just now huh! Well I'm not holding my breath but I'd sure like Indigo to stop making excuses about contacted the publisher to find out the status of this title and cancel the orders. And so it goes...Still wonder how many got their books in the States from these guys,glad I had a backup plan.

This is how my signed copy of The Passenger arrived, a month late. Barnes and Noble for the win. 

Oh man I thought mine was bad mine came dented like it was dropped but it did travel to the uk 

How on earth is that even possible?! 

Sorry but when I opened the email and saw this I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Only because I can't understand how that was even possible? Shotgun? Sprinkled with kibble and given to a large dog?

Poor packaging I am sure but the USPS is probably partially at fault. I have a magazine subscription and the last 3 issues arrived in about the same shape. But that is probably because they are running those through some kind of machine.

No doubt B&N Don't have any spare copies left, what did they say? Suppose one book and  2 Sigs is better than nothing if you end up getting a refund. The worldwide Post has a lot to answer to lately! Either things  arriving damaged or not at all! 

B&N refunded. Luckily, I also purchased a backup copy from BAM which arrived in perfect shape, so I didn't put all my eggs in one basket. 

Looks like the kind of things you see described as "gently used" on Craigslist.

RIP Cormac

I just got a "Remembering Cormac" e-mail from BAM.  RIP sir.



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