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yeah it must be orders being canceled because now it's 5 again

Love it. Newbury is a great company and I am glad they are cancelling extra orders. With an item like this, you really want fans to have access to it, without them having to pay extra on ebay.

If someone gets one extra, please help a Depeche Mode fan from the 80’s out.  I have twice had this in my cart and it’s gone.

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Same thing happened to me. Very disappointed :(

same so I missed out. this would have been a great purchase.  Newbury is also a great shop!  

Is anybody else still waiting for the December 2nd order to ship?
I ordered a Gahan and a Billy Idol CD. I see people receiving the Billy Idol CDs they ordered the same day, but I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet.

I'm also waiting on it.

Mine was shipped 2 days ago

I ordered the Gahan and Idol CDs on one order and the Gahan Vinyl on another and both orders still say unfulfilled. 

Mine is stuck in custom since the 19 of Nov. They actually re-added the same step again on the 30th, so I can't open any inquiry in the matter. I really hope it's not lost 

Tu, 30.11.2021, 13:34, Netherlands
Shipment is prepared for customs clearance in the destination country/destination area
Fr, 19.11.2021, 19:37, Netherlands
Shipment is prepared for customs clearance in the destination country/destination area

The U.S. Postal System sucks. I wouldn't worry about it too much right now. Everything is sort of at a standstill. I have a bunch of records (non signed stuff) that were sent media mail that have not moved or been updated in over 2 weeks. Since they have so many parcels if it isn't Priority they aren't really doing much about it right now.

I still haven't received my Sixx A.M. cd that was shipped from Australia almost a month ago. I don't even want to complain or ask about a refund yet because I have no doubt the delay is on this end.

It got to the Netherlands in 8 days. So the US part went rather quick.
Maybe because it's my 3rd order from newbury, it it got flagged to be opened and checked, but 21 days is way too long. I just hope it will get here in good state and soon.



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