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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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This is what the mail looked like. I also have only the free plus membership

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Thanks for that. I definitely did not receive an email like that. Are you in the UK? I wonder if it’s because I have an Aust email address. I’ve been a plus member for a couple of years and have never received a members email with advance notice.

I am from Germany and have a German e-mail address. I have been a member for about one and a half years. But I can't explain it either. Maybe it's because I had ordered the last book of his signed as well (but I'm not quite sure if it was at Waterstones)

I double checked and definitely didn't receive that e mail - i'm in the UK and been a Plus member for several years

don't need a plus membership it allows me to add to the basket and checkout.

Any idea if those are signed inside the books or on glued in bookplates, as I have seen some bookplate example on eBay?

I'd expect a signed book (tipped-in) like last year's Living Planet. They will usually state if it's a bookplate, unless something unexpected happens.

I have never heard of this outfit before and I am from Edinburgh - don't get your hopes up.

I have ordered from Portobello a few times and all has always been okay 

Great tip, I have ordered, order confirmed, here's hopin'.

I am a Presidential Member and didn't get no email about it - what is it you are signed up for??

Glad you got one! Just Waterstones plus.. it seems a lot here didn’t get an email either which is weird 


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