OK I know, he's not a singer. But I find him rock'n'roll!

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Any post is appreciated no matter what they do!! Thank you.

Thought I would post this here as the other post regarding David Copperfield is pages deep in another thread. Beckett authenticator Steve Grad has spoken out in regards to the autopen.


They will now send a return label and refund the books when you insist.

Has anyone ordered and gotten a copy from Premiere?  I know they are much more vigilant about the scams

I was wondering the same. It looks like he did at least some of them via his live signing through Premiere. 

Agree about Premiere and don’t think I saw anything on here about any issues with theirs. I ordered one and will try to post when I receive it. It was 20% off, that may not be a good sign lol…

These are on sale at Premiere right now for $17.50:

In the non-musician thread, Landon shared promo code "F9A0VJQB5" for another 10% off.

Both copperfield and krieger are supposedly on a bookplate. I havent seen any copperfields from premiere yet. The few kreigers I've seen on a bookplate from premiere have been real. Ive emailed them about my concern before buying but haven't heard back yet

This is a Premiere example that I found on ebay quickly, so not an autopen if that's what you're concerned about.

I appreciate each of you writing about this. I was able to buy four books for about 40 bucks shipped. Really good deal. I ordered a Krieger and Copperfield to make up for the auto pen crap I bought from talk shop live. 

Awesome thanks for the help. Decided to pass on copperfield even if real though. Im not a big fan. Couldnt pass up krieger though. 


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