Just was contacted today that my David Gilmour signature was rendered "Not Likely Genuine" by PSA Quick Opinion. Needless to say, my buyer is irate. I've had this one for awhile with no one questioning this signature. Am I missing something?

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Nice to hear that they revised their feedback, and hopefully they do not put so much trust in PSA in the future. I'm fedup of people leaning on PSA and using being a beginner as an excuse. I'm starting to think people are collecting psa letters and not autographs themselves.

I was selling a Chandlar Riggs signed photo last year. I had someone from Canada message me asking if it was authenticated by PSA. I said it wasn't but guaranteed it's authenticity and would offer a lifetime money back guarantee if it failed third party authentication. He responded with, "why wouldn't you send it to psa if it's authentic, that means you're selling a fake and it won't pass". He then went on to tell me that I was being reported to ebay and he was contacting law enforcement. All because of his preconceived idea that every autograph that wasn't authenticated by PSA was a forgery. And this happens way WAY too often for my liking. It got so bad, I just started deleting the questions I was getting that had anything to do with PSA. At what point do people stop saying "I'm a beginner" and start actually researching the autographs they buy. I guess it's all too convenient to pay the $8 Quick Opinion fee and get salty when their letter gods muck up the opinion. *Shakes my head*.  Glad it's ending on a positive note for you, pal. You deserve nothing less.

glad it worked out for you Joe and for your buyer but how on earth could psa fail it???

Thanks, Michelle. I'm still not sure that the buyer is going to keep it although I believe I have relieved their concerns that they were NOT being intentionally deceived by me. I appreciate yours and everyone else's participation in this discussion. It helps my buyer and hopefully others who read through this discussion not take a PSA quick opinion as the gospel truth. Reasonable people can usually work things out peacefully.

Get Epperson's opinion.


Thanks, Steve. Unfortunately, new collectors may not have even heard of who Roger Epperson is or Floyd Authentic for that matter. They believe that only PSA, JSA, and Bickett are to be trusted. I believe  this site not only does a great service exposing fakesters but can also help those who are doing their best to provide authentic material.

I tip my hat to you for providing this forum which allows those who genuinely care about this hobby to educate themselves and avoid the many pitfalls that currently exist. The learning never ends. Knowledge is the only way to protect oneself. 

This site is an oasis for those who seek the truth.

If I may add... 

When buying, it's good to get as many opinions as possible... But... 

IMO it's best to source a specialist over the generalists like the larger third party companies. 

Folyd Authentic specializes in Pink Floyd and IMO has become the gold standard. 

I would bypass everyone and go straight for Corey's opinion. 

Corey is the one I would trust on Pink Floyd autographs. Phil Sears on Walt Disney. In the end, it still comes down the the owner's opinion. That's the one which counts the most.

+1 Corey is excellent. Sorry this happened to Joe. He doesn't deserve it. Top notch. As is a Floyd Authentic Cert. how much tine do folks reckon is spent on a QO by DSA? I sat 2-3 minutes tops. Worthless in the face of real collectors of a given name. Dare I mention the Jackie Gleason Facts page with it's 50% secretarial and forgery rate? And people pay for this?

Bad things happen to good people sometimes. This is just a temporary hitch. I push on knowing I try my best. Appreciate your words of support.

the only one's "missing something" are the rookies that opine on behalf of PSA's QO.  It is not a trustworthy service any more.  Too many errors in my opinion.

We all make errors from time to time although when you accept money to preform a service then competence should be expected and is paramount. They should be held and hold themselves to a higher standard. IMHO.



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