Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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Still US only.

When are they gonna ship to UK???

They won’t, just use a forwarding service.

Did you guys see the insert on the video? Are we really getting that? That looks really nice with the gold marker and the size of the insert lol

Hope so! I'll have like 20 of them

You bought 20? Lol


No I didn't. I just like seeing everyone get upset about it for no reason. 

Figured that and personally enjoy your sense of humor. Doesn't take a lot to set it off on here!

Like it's free game. If someone actually wants 20 and there's no limit can't blame them. 

Yeah thats true.. can't fault the buyer if they are just taking advantage.. but I thought Talkshoplive was supposed to limit these. Very strange if they didn't. 

I think with the KISS Destroyer ones they initially had no limit, then they retroactively limited them.  So they cut down orders over a certain amount. So my guess is that if you ordered more than a couple you should be prepared that they may cut back the amount of the order. And if they don't, then be happy about it.

Hopefully all yours get cancelled and 20 actual fans are able to get them


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