Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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Yeah, it's not a big deal but It just seems weird to have the large print with the smaller cd. I don't like it the other way either when they give you a signed cd booklet with a vinyl either. I bought the Poppy Cd to go with that one and will just sell the vinyl. just personal preference and yes, it makes storing them together easier as well. 

The Rock and Roll Channel has sold out!!!

That could change as they cancel flipper orders of 25.

Hopefully they restock.  I was busy dealing with water from a busted water heater and got on just in time to see it in stock and be told it was sold out when trying to add it to the cart.  ;(

I'm hoping they cut down orders of more than 4 like they did with KISS Destroyer and am hoping we see a restock.  I'm gutted as I now get to replace some flooring and maybe a bit of drywall and I missed Def Leppard!  FML!

I am sure they will have more like they did with Kiss on the day of the show.

Crossing fingers and toes!

Right there with you, missed it.

Missed this, damn time zones. Anybody get a spare?

I missed it also I work nights was sleeping hopefully they cancel the orders of people who ordered a ton of them and limit it like 2 so real fans of them can actually have a chance at owning their autographs for an affordable price 

Here’s hoping guys 

US only :-(



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