Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

UK buyers, remember 6.8% cash back with topcashback. Also £5 when you spend £30 and £10 when you spend £50 on WHSmith website with code: BEQUICK

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I emailed chronicle books and included two images for proof of autopen. I also described that us collectors are just now discovering this because we now have her new book to compare “signatures” with. I asked for a refund.  I think more of us need to email them … don’t just accept it as a loss so soon 

Hell, yeah.  I just shot an email to Chronicle Books since I bought from them.  I agree with you.  For the amount of money we laid down, they should not be selling us fakes.  

Great job. Sorry this happened to you as well but emailing doesn't just potentially help you, it helps us all. As soon as i receive my copy, I can't stress enough how hard I will email and post on whatever social media she has as well as Facebook autograph groups. If we slack on one, I feel it will start happening more often with others again. 

Has anyone seen this mentioned yet outside of this forum?

Really bad of Dolly tbh.  Waterstones should  provide a prepaid return sticker if you have purchased the book from them and you have from memory a month to return the item. They would never knowingly sell an autopen.  Their customer service department is  extrememly helpful as well. I do hope that the folks that spent all that money on the 'exclusive' get their money back.

Good to know, thanks for the reply. I hate sending negativity to retailers who are just doing their job. But its the only way to voice how this is an unacceptable practice. Also the way most retailers will just outright say these are genuinely hand signed without research, a reply that basically makes people who know better seem inferior.. that really irks me. Its just best to have a fight mentality from the start these days. This has to be posted on social media as well. It has to reach Dolly somehow. Not just her wallet. Shes too loaded for these returns (if they happen) to even make a dent 

I wonder who Dolly's PR company is?  Emailing them may be helpful. 

According to IMDB, it's True Public Relations.

I have the uk details from the press release I received back in the summer. That was from Harwood PR in the UK which also linked in penguin random house

well even if they trot out the line that' we have been assured that.....' they certainly wont want  to be associated with all the negative publicity  concerning this and may help behind the scenes to get you a refund. 

I wonder what the interest they've been collecting will go to.

Haha.. better autopens..

Waterstones had an issue with Captain Tom Moore books a year or two ago.It was brought to their attention that the autographs were stamped rather than handsigned.They emailed customers telling them this and offered refunds with free return postage.

I will be keeping my "signed copy" of this book, i'd rather have it with autopen than no autograph although I did return my Tom Moore book

There are odd books eg certain titles by Laini Taylor and Cassandra Clare that collectors will pay a premium for known facsimile autographs.John Grisham also did a limited edition facsimile autograph in at least one of his novels that again attracts a higher price than the not signed version



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