Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

UK buyers, remember 6.8% cash back with topcashback. Also £5 when you spend £30 and £10 when you spend £50 on WHSmith website with code: BEQUICK

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Looks like Waterstones still think these are legit as they are restocked lol

least it’s only one per customer hey lol

Would be funny if they are actually authentic this time. Maybe after all the returns and complaints, she actually signed them

I can actually see her doing this to cover up the autopen mess.. get real copies out there to make it more confusing for people

I'm pretty sure it's the good old autopen but I thought for 20 pounds why not after all... It's probably the books that were returned to them. 

Lol me too mate 

Lee know what they be all the returns lol

I ended up trying again. Since I lost access to my old email account, I lost all conversations arguing with them. I dont mind starting this up again if I have to under a different name. Also, this is covered under PayPal protection, as long as they side with me.. I can make a convincing argument if these are autopen again. Worst case is, i return my 1st book which arrived damaged on top of being an autopen 

I ordered one I’ll let u guys know lol. I’m surprised people are still paying 100+ on eBay for them 

the page is freezing and not letting me check out

I had problems at 1st as well, had to reopen my browser. It wasn't switching to USA shipping and then said out of stock even though it wasnt

I have my fingers crossed for you I would of risked it but trying to negotiate for a life size Grogu on eBay so it’s taking all spare funds lol

Thanks haha 

I had to look up what a Grogu was.. lol... I could never get into StarWars.. maybe 1 day.. but i almost did the same with a life size gremlins puppet years ago.. i was really into creating and had this idea of how to use it as a different take on prank videos.. its still funny in my head, but never happened.. good luck with your Grogu


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