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Arrived today.  Authentic or secreterial?

Kuvassa voi olla 1 henkilö ja teksti

Looks good to me but who knows lol,definitely one of the nicer ones, I've seen some pretty gnarly signatures over the past week.

Many thanks!

Authentic or secreterial? I don't know, looks different

I FINALLY received my CD+cassette bundle today from the EU webshop (shipping from UK), after my package had been laying in DHL's sorting center in Frankfurt for two weeks.

My signed card is practically identical to this one, and I specifically noted that my copy has the small "subscript" x, whereas several other cards in this thread have the x in "full size" text like the rest of the signature.

Mine was the big "x" - I ordered the CD+shirt+custom box bundle.

To be truthful, I'm just here for the shirt -- the design looks like it was ripped straight from 1995.

OK I will share mine.  Previously I thought it was good, but now Im seeing people on Facebook saying this style is a very good secretarial (without much to go by).  Looking for more opinions here.

Looks good to me, I don't really put any stock in what's on Facebook but that's just me.

My opinion is secretarial based on the same things we saw with the Future Nostalgia art cards. 
Spacing is too tight and too uniform. Unfortunately, the majors have already signed off on some of these, so we may never truly know. But there is enough doubt to steer clear of this style from what I have seen.

I think the HMV posters a page or two back are good examples of authentic.

An example of the signed Future Nostalgia vinyl VIPs at her shows got a couple years ago. Somewhat neater, tighter signature that doesn't seem to be much of a departure from this year's art cards?

I notice that the “i” is dotted in the loop which, for me, is a positive. 

People on RACC on FB are all over the place with these. Seems like the consensus with the last one was that the dot in the i ones were legit. But with this one people are saying they some are fake. Then other people have posted in persons that are very similar to the ones people are saying are fakes so sadly we may never really know.


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