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Also on the US store (I can’t view as I’m in the UK so this link may not be direct)


They restocked.

Just got mine on the restock

Let's see how long these will last. The hype around her is enormous.

The print appears to be LP sized… hoping that’s the case 

I'm more and more skeptical about those prints. The actual print quality is dropping rapidly.

Rod Stewart x Jools  was a real joke. The signatures were not worth the paper they were put on.

I thought they were great.  Nice full Rod Stewart signature 

Sorry, you are missing the point - I am not talking about the signatures. I am talking about the quality of the actual print. It's poor quality and pixelating. Printed at 200dpi maybe.

They look  like cd sized signed prints!

This asset on the store makes it seem like an 11" or 12" print to me

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Indeed and that is what those are.

$30 upcharge for the dlx signed vinyl doesn't thrill.... but yeah, I grabbed one- Thanks for the link!


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