Ebay Seller Jsquad75 Sells Forged Mickey Mantle Baseball COA Chattanooga Coin Co

It's unbelievable that in this day and age that people (delusional and wannabe autograph collectors) are still buying garbage like this....

Well maybe not.

Again this proves why it is so easy to sell forgeries on Ebay, with Ebay so heavily-populated with wannabe autograph collectors.

And Ebay, of course, continues, as they have for the past twenty years, to profit from the sales of forgeries.

Check out the below obvious and laughable forged Mickey Mantle baseball sold by Ebay seller Jsquad75 for $370.00.

A total waste of $370.00.

I hope the buyer of this crap submits it to PSA or JSA; they will "Deem Not Authentic" in one second.

For the same $370.00, the buyer could have purchased an authentic Mickey Mantle autograph on a baseball.

The worthless COA is from Chattanooga Coin Co.  Freaking sad!!!


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