Ebay seller knuckleballcollectibles2018 List Forged Signed Derek Jeter 1993 Score Baseball Card--Gotta Read!!!

Check out this forged Derek Jeter "1993 Score" baseball card listed by Ebay seller knuckleballcollectibles2018.

The title reads "PSA JSA Ready."

"PSA JSA Ready" for what!!!


Check this out.  This is penned by your typical Ebay kitchen-table forger that we observe from hundreds of Ebay sellers of forgeries.

The moron who penned this forgery, from what I can see, attempted his 1994 autograph.   Just horrible and obviously bad.


And because Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, this garbage has bids on it.

As we all know, selling forgeries on Ebay is easier than selling authentic autographs.

Check out the below forged Ken Griffey, Jr baseball card list by Ebay seller knuckleballcollectibles2018.

This is laughable.

And again is it "PSA JSA Ready."

I hope the buyers of these forgeries submits this crap to BAS, PSA or JSA.

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Ready for a PSA/JSA rejection?

Ready for a shredder is more like it.

KNUCKLEHEAD collectibles is more like it...Just awful.




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