Ebay Seller Pluke14 Derek Jeter Autographed Book (The Life You Imagine) UGLY Forgery

Check out his ugly Derek Jeter forgery found on Ebay.

The below ugly Derek Jeter forgery on the inside page of the book "The Life You Imagine" is listed by Ebay seller Pluke14.

Ebay seller Pluke14 writes "It was signed at a book signed in NYC at Barnes & Noble in 2000."

Of course, this is a total lie by Ebay seller Pluke14.  This is simply a horrible Derek Jeter forgery listed by Ebay seller Pluke14.

Ebay sellers of forgeries list their crap on Ebay because they know the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will purchase their forgeries.

And Ebay continues, as it has for the past twenty years, to PROFIT from the sales of forgeries.

The scammers on Ebay are running amok listing and selling their forgeries.

Here is that ugly Derek Jeter forgery listed by Ebay seller Pluke14.


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I like how he has a little sliver of wood the size of a nickel that he cut from his porch, and is selling it as a piece of a Yankee Stadium seat. lol


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