Ebay seller superj8 Sells Forged Signed Derek Jeter Baseball COA Not Steiner Sports

Once again I will show just how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay (the most dangerous place to buy autographs if you know nothing about autographs).

Check out the below forged Derek Jeter baseball sold by Ebay seller superj8 for $250.00.

According to Ebay seller superj8, the baseball comes with a so-called Steiner Sports hologram and a Major League Baseball (MLB) hologram.

I have no idea how this crap continues!!!

I have posted dozens of other threads on Ebay sellers selling forged Derek Jeter baseballs with so-called Steiner Sports holograms and I have no idea how these sellers get away with this.

First, the forged Derek Jeter baseball.

This is an obvious and laughable forgery.  

This looks like it was penned by a three-year old.

This is a total train wreck.

According to Ebay seller superj8 it also comes with a MLB hologram number "MR453814."

Immediately below is a link to that number.

So how are sellers of this crap getting away with this!!!

With Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, it demonstrates how easy it is to sell forgeries on Ebay.

People buy the hologram and not the autograph.

It's also no coincidence that every time I observe a situation like this, the sellers of this crap never have the Steiner Sports COA.

I will continue to expose crap like this and the sellers who list them.

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It actually sold for $250.

You're right, Ballroom.  Usually I check the "Watched/Popular Items Auctions" report.

Thank you.

Thank you for all you do to expose this stuff.

Thank you, Ballroom, and you also.

We have a ton of great contributors here.

I don't want to sound cynical, but if you put more faith in the sticker, than you do this ridiculous attempt at a Jeter signature, then you probably should change hobbies. Even a novice could see this is a forgery, look at how shaky and slowly signed it is.


Most people who buy sports and entertainment autographs are dedicated fans, not autograph collectors. I don't blame them, especially when the piece has what looke like a respected COA like Steiner. They think that law enforcement will go after forgery sellers, that sites like eBay, Amazon and Wayfair are safe to buy from, and that stores and galleries that have been around a long time must be legit. 

But, Steve, there is no Steiner COA.  Just a hologram.

In the old days, when the EMR team was active, that crap would have been removed.

Ebay is an enabler of this crap.

I completely agree, Chris. 


if told u the amount of time I get an email from buyers on ebay does the itiem have a coa. if does they will buy if not they wont they don't care if bart simposon signed it and im not talking just about autographs im taking regular concert posters stuff there really is no coas for except if u make one up.

I seller who sell counterfit art hes been removed 4 times by ebay so fare just popped up again 2 weeks ago with another name.

we cant compete with his fake crap I want 500$ for a real one he selling stuff he prints at home for 50$ hes even making his fantasy stuff up and selling it.

ebay doesn't care . only when charge backs happen does he get removed

Marc, that's why I expose this garbage.

This garbage makes it very difficult for sellers of authentic autographs to sell their items.

EBay has never cared; the only thing they care about is the money they receive from the sales of forgeries.

That is too true, Chris.



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