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Yep one guy has 11 available at £40 ! 

40 isn't much. 

They are going down started at 100 each I’ve seen them sell for like £35 so few days should go down again I’d pay £20 for one so I’ll wait for restock or the flippers to price battle with each other before I purchase one if I have too 

Waiting on a Taylor Swift Christmas signed cd now lol

Wounded :(

I’ll swap one for a Billie Shady!

For an Elton?

Yea! I mean I want a Billie!

So like half Billie Eilish and half Eminem?

He was talking to me that’s why he said shady 

that’s well out my range 

I’ll trade you a billie for 3 Elton so I can give couple to my buddies but not one for one sorry

Only ordered 2 stupidly.



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