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I haven't received any signed on the back and I hope this isn't going to be my first. It looks terrible lol

They're all signed on the back looking at eBay at least for the Eds. Let's hope Elton was more sensible.

That’s not on . I knew when I saw the lovely white full signatures of both Ed and Elton they would must not be full signatures and probably not on white either .. but signed on the back is pathetic 

I got the email that my EJ has shipped…

me too.... please sign the front... please sign the front... etc... etc...

Maybe they thought it would make a nice display when Elton signed the front an Ed the back so you can show both sides?

Ok, they signed on the back and of course it's not a nice surprise BUT it's a 99p CD... For those who managed to score one, remember to feel grateful.

Where you see that?

Nevermind saw all of them on ebay. Really sucks. Just lazy that A.They couldn't get a marker to sign with on the front that would stand out and look nice. B. They couldn't sign the same ones.

Have you seen an Elton? I can only find Sheeran signed ones in hand on ebay. Still hoping the Elton will be signed on front.

To all those moaning about Eltons signature, please PM me your PayPal and I will transfer you the 99p, you can them send me the signed CD as its obvious you're not happy and don't want it

I'll transfer 2 quid ! (I guess we've just created AutographBay...)



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