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That actually doesn’t look too bad. I expected worse. 

Wow at least he signed on the front, I must say I didn't expect him too. Someone mentioned it'd be nice to frame the two CDs with the signatures, I think it'd a really good idea.

Thanks for sharing the pic!

I actually think it looks pretty good - I’ll be more than happy if mine comes like that for 99p!

I wish they would show a very short signature and the right pen colour on the promo.. they show full signatures and white marker looks amazing .. then the real life item is just an E____ in black .. disappointing to say the least 

Agree,  at least now I don't feel bad for missing this one out.

With black he should have done it sideways on the xmas tree or on the title. 

Not bad for 99p, just a shame Elton waisted his time and power on something that could have been better with a small effort.

Well at least it was only 99p

I have 2 1/1000 art posters from Ed sheerans equals album. Looking to trade 1 or both for something! Let me know :) 

It's back in stock! 

Thank you so much! I saw a notification and went straight to it haha. Hopefully, it doesn't get canceled. Could they have possibly restocked the ones that people returned?

I was so surprised it came back in stock out of the blue that i refreshed the page 3 times to make sure it was available lol I had lost hope of getting a copy. 

Insane. Thank you for this

Thank you. Unfortunately just went out of stock once I'd added to basket. Hope you all get yours though 



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