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I agree that is also how I look at collecting

If your a full time flipper how do you find time for anything thing else besides flipping?lol or you just flip 40 hours a week for your job with weekends off?ilol just curious because I'm a collector I've never flipped anything I collect and trade and give gifts to my family and friends for birthdays holidays etc 

Full time flipper is my new id i selected about 3 weeks ago after some flack for suggesting  limits of one or two items should be set on orders to allow more time for more people to get a hold of items before they sell out in bulk only to re appear on e bay ,its suppose to be ironic ,perhaps thats my british humour 

anyway thanks    

I like your name!

You’re absolutely right… The Eminem signed action figures were $313 with a limit of 3, sold out in seconds, sold out before I could check out, and then I had to spend $700 on eBay… 

if the limits were like Newbury (sometimes they limit one per household) then it’s more of a fair deal for all instead of what we have now…

Twenty One Pilots sold out three times, and all three times they’re albums have been posted for $100 to $200 which is crazy! Yes, I understand making a profit, I don’t understand why some people need to make 1000% sometimes

I would have bought 3 eminems too if I had that type of money to dish out of action figures. 

I understand why people do it, I just understand the need to earn $600 just because you clicked faster than a real fan? You know?

I managed to get one signed (for twice the price) and the other two unsigned

I missed the signed ones also but bagged a set of the unsigned so that’s good enough 

I’m one these guys who has the Dresden Brick so I can never moan :)

I was on the page seconds after it was released.. didnt care for it, I dont need a piece of cardboard or plastic signed attached to a kids toy.. besides, im not here to make money.. once you start doing that, the magic of obtaining autographs goes away

I thought you became a dolphin who likes autographs.. if ppl gan change genders these days, why not species.. I dont judge.. 

Elton doesn’t seem to like signing much lol

The Sheeran signed CDs have started to ship. No notice on my Elton signed order yet.

This isn’t mine but they are coming up on eBay in hand now and he has signed the backs oh my god they look awful I don’t like the signing on the back business :( 


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