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Seems detailed enough to be believable... No links yet.

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Weird that they made everyone wait three months for these .. (and send them in a separate shipment too)surely they could have banged those out in two days ? 

Thought the same, maybe so you forget or can’t be arsed to return

Probably refused to sign after the album didn’t make #1 lol, or his team didn’t have the nerve to ask him 

Well, he got what he deserved. I have no sympathy for artists who fleece their fans, popularity be damned.

Totally agree…hate to see this- unless it’s corrected, I lose a lot respect for him and he’s one of my favorites like many I’m sure. 

Well at least this takes the heat off Banquet for a short while

do you have to pay for retur n postage?  thanks

Don’t know yet, waiting for a reply

No you can send it back free via the web site



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