Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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I wonder whether this suggests a Friday restock?

I got one! Thank you!

Was this in the last few minutes? Have I not noticed a restock or something?

Right at the beginning - sorry should have clarified. Came back to say thanks to the poster

No problem, congratulations!

Here’s hoping for a restock for the rest of us, I’ve been refreshing since I first missed it…

It’s nuts how it still lets us add to basket I’ll be stood at the school gates refreshing like mad lol

Just sat in a bar checking my phone gutted I just missed this and I'm still standing comes on ffs 

Seems like it's still in stock. Wish it was available to US, this is awesome. :(

Nice find!

Unfortunately it’s not, displays as in stock until you attempt to complete checkout. Hopefully we get a restock and those of you across the pond are given your own opportunity too!

Oh I see. I added it to cart just to test my luck but it removed it since I'm in the US. Good luck to everyone I hope they do a restock and US release as well. 

It tells you it's unavailable in the checkout process.

Looking on my e mails These were re-stocked 35 Minutes ago - so it will be worth checking back to see if they re-stock more


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