Elvis Costello - Hey Clockface - Signed LP & CD (Lots of Options)

Elvis Costello has a New LP Out 30th October

Limited Tri Coloured Vinyl - Limited to 350 (Signed) Also a Limited Splatter 7" (not signed - Limited to 300)

Lots of Bundles!


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The splatter was also available signed

Damn really? I didn't see the splatter 7" Signed on there when i posted this 8 hours ago, there were loads of bundles - the only signed thing was the LP with Loads of Add Ons

The splatter is full size, the 7" is the No Flag LP.  That splatter one is super duper cool looking.

$50 isn't cheap but it also isn't crazy especially for an Elvis Costello.

Great find, thanks!

Sorry i thought i'd missed a signed 7" LOL I'm losing the plot today - yes i got a Signed LP and No Flag 7"!

Hope these aren't autopen like the recent Chrissie Hynde release.  Wonder if Elvis will sign his full or rushed signature?  Quite a difference. 

Plenty of solid options. I love that he also has a 2x signed CD option for his last albums at $69.99. Pretty fair considering his prominence 

Is anybody still waiting on the  Signed Elvis Costello LP's 7" Singles Bundles or is it just me? 

I had one LP on it's own with a  shipping confirmation and it arrived a couple of weeks ago - I'm waiting on another different colour (Sunburst i think) Signed LP and 7" Tri Coloured single .... I'm wondering if there is a delay with the 7" Singles? I've emailed the webstore twice in the  last 10 days and they won't reply!  

I'm still waiting. Ordered the tri-color autographed without the 7". Got a couple of emails about how the production was delayed but haven't heard anything in a month now.

Last update I had 6 weeks ago was they were being shipped by 15th January which they haven’t I’m waiting another week then cancelling! 

Bizarre, I got mine in months ago...

Very weird got mine months ago too



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