Has someone an idea if one of those signatures is real?:) They all look nice but hmm

well the first one is been said ,,Original very rare signed/ autographed Christmas postcard from 1959 with telegram text on backside where Elvis thanks his fans for their loyalty during his military service in Germany."

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and what do you think about these

I'm not comfortable with any of the four you posted. Let's see what others think.

okay thank you Sir:) for your thought!

And just like that, an all too familiar daytime TV show chant echoes throughout the forum: Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve.......

Steve is spot on! 8)  Looks like the signor was dancing to the Hesitation Waltz when he penned these.

I have to agree with Steve. I don't think they are right too.

thank you for you opinion both! wow..can not believe that so many fakes are around these days..puhh..they do look very similar to me..but i just started focusing on the materia hehe:)thank you!!

Where are these listed Christian?  Just curious.

yes sure..it is a German Website..


check out guys..maybe there are some real ones..but its like searching a needle in a haystack..tell me your thoughts if <ny of those might okay? hehe Cheers:)

At least they described at accurately:


wow..turns my world a bit upside down..hehe but yeah learned a lot right now heh..for genuine elvis presley signatures it is best to see rr auction and bonham auction right?..what a bout ebay are there any genuine signatures?..i also dont have an idea how much really you have to pay for a genuine elvis presley signature..i learned forQueen you need at leat 800 euros going upwards heh:)

notsure if u know but the ep estate  has its own auctions and there own authentication.

i was a bit searching through the web..i didn t find anything specific..maybe you can explain a bit in more detail what this ep estate is?thanks man:) or a websiteXP



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