Do you think that the attached photograph of an Elvis signature I recently purchased is genuine or a fake.  I was told it was written July 20th 1975 at the Scope Convention Centre, although I have no proof of this. 

I do know that the COA that came with it means nothing.

Would be glad of your opinions. 

Thank you.

Diane UK


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can you get your money back on this?  It is not authentic, in my opinion.

+1  Looks like it was forged with a gel pen.

Not real. This is not Elvis handwriting. 

The company that sold it me say they will get a third party to verify it is genuine.  The third party they want to use is Mr Skip Hensel retired from the UACC.  What do you think?

I think that no respectable third party authenticator that has any knowledge of Elvis signatures would pass this.  In your case, it is likely the wolf watching the henhouse.  Get your own TPA opinion, send it to Roger Epperson for a quick opinion.

Right, I am with you terrier8Hof.  


For the record, Skip Hensel is no longer a UACC Approved authenticator.

Diane, every serious Authenticater must see that this is not a real Elvis Autograph and his handwriting. It is to obvious in my opinion. 

Roger Epperson has lots of lawsuits against him for selling forgeries.

Hold on! You just cant drop this allegation and not expect to be challenged? What proof do you have that Roger Epperson has lawsuits against him for selling forgeries?

Also your Elvis is as bad as the day is long, IMO.

Mr Otter Bubotter

Only read what is written on google and what I was told by the company I purchased the signature from.   I do not even know who this man is. Just looked him up on google.  There is a big article on their about Michael Jackson signatures.  Coming from the UK this is all new to me.  Wish I have never bought the Item now but I let my heart rule over my head, as I have always been an Elvis fan.




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