Be quick these sure to sell out quick 

cheap as

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Thank you. Bought....well, eventually anyway. I swear their website is even worse than it was last time I used it!

No problem man it was a right pain wasn’t it but very good price 

I at least attempted to order one, but there is zero chance of this actually being fulfilled.

How come man ?

What makes you think that?

Two reasons - Emilia charges significantly more than this to sign (both private signings and commercial ones), and this is a volume incentive edition. Shops have to order 500 copies to get 1 copy of the signed variant of MoM. I don't collect comics or GoT autographs, so I'm out of my depth, but this is presumably a $500+ comic.

Thanks for your thoughts! We'll see how it turns out :D

Ok sounds fair sorry guys if I misled anyone I thought it said signed copy one per not what you said 

let’s hope people don’t buy too many then ;)

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude, and there's definitely no reason you need to apologize for anything - I just wanted to make sure people don't get their hopes up on this one. 

This would absolutely be spectacular if they are actually fulfilled, and there's also a solid chance that I'm wrong on this one; it wouldn't be the first time. Regardless, thanks for posting that you found this. It's certainly worth a shot, and who knows, maybe this is some completely different exclusive Forbidden whipped up, and independent from the 1:500 incentives.

Fingers crossed dude no offence taken I thought I missed something was too hasty to post lol hopefully it turns out good it was posted on Facebook I had to share I’ve never bought a comic myself so it’s new to me too 

At least I caveated my previous [incorrect] statements by warning that there was a very solid chance that I was talking out of my ass last night, because it turns out I very much was.

I was wrong... very wrong. Sorry ShadyBootlegger.

So it is not signed?

It’s back up



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