Steve asked me if I could post some of the more unusual items from my collection. Given what we are currently living through and the general lack of collecting-related internet activity it does indeed seem like a good idea. Maybe others could do the same.

I am starting off with a collection of items relating to a competition winner who got to meet the Beatles in 1964. To me the autographs are much less interesting than the documents and photographs that came with them. It seems incredible that the Beatles were handing over prizes even when at the height of their fame.

The winner also kept a copy of a tiny follow-up piece in the magazine covering the event. I need to do a bit more sorting to find it. Plenty of time for that at the moment.  

A. Winner's telegram.

B. Envelope for first notification letter.

C. First notification letter: The winner was given the option of not meeting the Beatles! A hefty price for a projector 56 years ago.

D. Second notification letter: Real "old school"!

E. Legal stuff re the Beatles' movie that accompanied the projector.

F. The three winners with their massive projectors! My winner is on the right. Not sure how this photograph got in the state it did - maybe she had children. 

G. My winner with projector and Beatles.

H. Paul signing (presumably) my winner's book. Note the delightful cigarette.

I. My winner between Paul and John.

J. Reverse stamp on the various photographs. There are more photographs but I thought the four above were probably the most relevant.

K. John.

L. George and Ringo to the reverse of John.

M. Paul

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This is what makes collecting special. Thanks for sharing!

A unique set of items with not only collectable value but historical values as well. Time, place and people. Thanks for sharing your piece of history.

This is great Pug,thx for showing it!

Love it. What a great set of items. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing!!!

What an awesome collection. If I had managed to acquire that complete set, that would be the end of my Beatles collecting - it is that historically incredible. Many thanks for sharing!

GREAT stuff...Thanks for posting!!!

Incredible! Thanks for sharing.



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