How does everyone find signed items to post them here? 

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Well, sign up to as many news letters as possible and google your fav bands :)

On anther note, I hope to get approved for a new private group "Direct Autograph Sales Private posts", where we can post hard to get stuff and other things that should not be public.

I signed up for the newsletters but they are often sent out quite late! For example, I got to know about the Tori Amos and Taylor Swift ones from here first, before I received their newsletters in my inbox later haha.

There is absolutely no reason to make a private group. It will not stop the resellers, it will only hinder collectors. Resellers have a number of ways of finding stuff not just this forum. 

Coincidentally, my feeling of people who hide their profiles on this public site is aggravating too. Guess we can’t see how bad their batting average really is.

And exactly who gets invited into that? Do you get to chose? And if so why is that? There is no possible way to figure out all of who is flipping and who is just a collector like myself. Unless if they post they bought 10 copies or something like that.

It's funny, but that's often the case. By the time you get the email from whoever has some new signed product, chances are it's old news and long sold out. Even as a record collector, if I know something is coming out, it's a matter of stalking websites waiting for stores to put them online. I think most artists rely on signed product to shift sales and/or get them in the charts, so it's almost expected that they'll do so. If you know a new release is coming, a la Taylor or Tori, you watch and wait.  

I have a few bookmarked pages I check several times a day, like the signed items on Rough Trade, Newbury and Amazon. 

I look here every day, then check Newbury, then I go to  Merchbar and search “signed” and click “Refine by Newrst”, then go to and do the same thing, and again at Amoeba 

I do the same things as mentioned above, but most of the times when I go here to post someone has already done so before me.

Newsletters with lots of recipients are usually sent out and/or being delivered in batches. Not everyone will receive them at the same time. I don't think the ones writing them always know this. So by the time you get them an offer can be long gone.

Most artists will also update their social media, so you're quicker to follow that instead of waiting for the newsletter.

Agreed, Twitter notifications are a must but can quickly become overwhelming if you have too many accounts you set up alerts for, so you have to be selective.

I have a lot of free time so I spend a lot of time searching the web, I keep a file of links to all of the top artist's store pages and another of the top sites that usually sell signed merch (Newbury, Banquet, Towsend, etc. ) then I also do a google image search of Signed CD Pre-order and change the time to past 24 hours but the main way I find them is Twitter, I search signed cd or signed vinyl and hit latest results and you can see not only the artists or bands announcing the pre-sales but also all the Tweeters tweeting about it when they see something. it gets pretty addicting looking for the next big find but like I said I have time and it's kind of fun searching lol

In my case I collect vinyl also. So I am always surfing band sites and run across autographed stuff from time to time which isn't always sent out via mailing lists. Which I will post up here.



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