Hi guys,

What do you think about the attached vinyl sleeve?

Is it worth a punt do you think?



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Hey Ben I have a couple signed covers as well, here is the white album for future reference.

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Mike, have you obtained these in person?

No, I haven't obtained Stevie in person for many years.

Thanks a beauty, Mike.

My reply is on the Stevie Nicks signed photo of Mike's. Not the signed album which I do not know about all their signatures to comment on.

Maybe others will chime in but that F.Mac "White" album looks similar to the forging style that has been discussed on this site many times before. 


Hi guys,

What's the opinion on the photo of Nicks?

I would like to buy it from Mike buy other opinions beforehand would be greatly appreciated if possible.



Ben - did you change your mind on the photo? Just curious.


Hi Mike,

Sorry for the late reply.

I was hoping to et more opinions on authenticity before buying, but the subject turned more to the album with the forgery.

All the best,



I missed the discussion but I obtained this from what I consider to be a very reliable in person source in LA. I'm guessing the Nick's would be the signature in question because I have a half dozen in person signatures of John, Lindsey and Mick that are spot on with these. I'm also comfortable with the Christine McVie based on a few solid examples I have in my collection but since hers is a fairly sloppy signature there will always be a gray area there. That being said, I think the Nicks is good. I'm attaching an inperson signature that I obtained during the tour following the release of "Rock A Little". Its been passed by PSA (not that that is a guarantee by any means because I think they miss horribly on many authentic examples) and other than the slight inconsistencies with the "k" and "s" at the end, everything matches up nicely to me. And I've seen that finish with K and S before - similar to the second attachment which was also obtained in person but didn't pass PSA. I've also attached a signed flat from 1990 by the band that I obtained direct from the guy who got it signed (it passed an Epperson quick opinion) which shows a great exemplar of Christine's signature and also shows how sloppy Stevie's signature can be. That's my take for what its worth.

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