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This has to be right up there with the best deals I've gotten for signed merch. These prints are huge and high quality and look amazing. Florence always seemed to have a tendency to sign higher quality items more nicely (even when her signature quality generally went downhill), and it looks like that trend continues.

Making me contemplate buying the bundle they got in the UK store even though I don't want the cassettes haha

Same here, Zach! ;-) 

Canadian site has them up. One design already sold out.

Damn the one I want too haha

Thanks for letting me know about this earlier today! I went ahead and ordered the two signed posters that were in stock! The shipping fee wasn't cheap but at least I don't have to bother my friend in the UK by sending a poster to I won't have to be bothered with having 3 cassettes to deal with. ;-) :-D

This is the only one that is left at the Canadian web store:

Florence now offering a slightly better value UK Bundle for all 3 signed posters*/*/SIGNED-POSTER-X-3-AND-MUSIC-BUNDLE/7FC00000000

Saw a couple fans in Europe posting theirs on Twitter. Some interesting variations.

Haven't wrote here in a long while.

Here is another option I found:

What’s the thoughts on these? I can still return to Amazon, where they are amazingly still on sale?!? 



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