For sale is a very rare Prince Lovesexy Lp that was signed on August 12, 1988 at a very rare in store signing in Stockholm, Sweden.

The record is included. There is some splitting on the inner sleeve, but nothing on the outer sleeve.

I'm asking 2.200 usd or best offer.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Whole Lp.
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This is authentic.  I've seen a few others from that Swedish signing plus one he did in New York both in 1988.  By that point he was mainly just using his first initial -- soon to be followed by just a symbol and then he stopped signing all together in the early 90's. 


I hope this message finds you well. I would like to know if your vinyl is still available for a purchase ? Thank you for your reply ! May I ask you how did you collect it ?

Best regards


Hello Jose.

I sold this album a long time ago. Last time I saw it, it was on its way to Switzerland.

Good Luck in your search for a signed Prince album or cd.

Thank you very much for your reply ! Hope I will find one :-) 

Best regards


Hi Bjarne, sorry but we do not allow any sales in this Forum - perhaps delete this discussion. Thank you, Eric

Hello Eric. Sorry I don’t know 

It's OK. Perhaps delete your post with the email and use the PM feature. You can delete your post by pressing the little blue x on the right of your post.

Hello Eric. By PM you mean Personal message ? Sorry for my frenglish :-)

Yes Jose, a personal Message. You can also send Bjarne a Friend Request with a question it it. That function is on the upper right under your name.

Please use the PM feature for this. Thank you.

Jose this discussion is over 5 years old.  I'm sure the album has long ago been sold. 


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