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Here's yet another Derek Jeter forgery on a black baseball that recently sold on Ebay.

The below Derek Jeter forgery on a black baseball was listed and sold by Ebay seller Alwayscool24 for $214.50.

The below Derek Jeter forgery on a black baseball was "authenticated" by Global Authentics.

This crap will infect the autograph hobby forever.

Below is a link to my original thread on GA (Global Authentics) certed Derek Jeter forgeries.


Here is that Derek Jeter forgery sold by Ebay seller Alwayscool24.


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My rule for buying Jeter is Buy Steiner. You can find bargains on Ebay with A Steiner Cert.

I agree but it has to be an authentic Steiner cert.  there are many fake Jeters with bogus Steiner being sold cheap.

One day this "Global Authentics" scam will come to light...

Anyone who buys ANYTHING "authenticated" by GA is a clueless collector. 


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