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About 10-15 years ago, I wrote a letter to Ewan McGregor, requesting an autograph. I included two 4x6" photos, and they were both returned signed. I've always wondered whether or not they were authentic, as Ewan is known to have sent secretarial signatures. Does anyone have an opinion on these?

These aren't real, sorry

Thanks, both of you! I'm sad to hear it, but I'd rather know about a fake signature than unknowingly keep it. And I didn't pay for them, so I don't feel ripped off.

Mike, I hate to take too much of your time. But a few weeks ago, I posted another thread in the Harrison Ford section, asking about a Celebrity Authentics photo. On that thread, I was told that you're one of the top experts here on his signature. If you happen to have a moment, would you mind having a look at that one? I took a chance on it, and I'm hoping it's something I can keep in my collection. I've heard worrisome things about some of the CA photos.

Thanks again!

Drop a link to it

Sorry, I should have done that to begin with! Thanks so much!

Definitely secretarial

Hi guys, I´m a new member, my name is Leticia from Spain, I´m a huge fan of Star Wars Universe, and I found this item with Daisy Ridley autograph, and please I need your opinion and help. Thank you very very much guys.

Hi there

i was looking for any opinions on the below Warwick Davies signature


Thank you for any advice

Clive Revill TTM, Is the signature authentic or secretarial?

Hi I bought this and wondering if I could get some advice if its it's legit. Its Harrison Ford. Carrie Fisher. Frank oz. Mark Hamill. Peter mayhew autographs 

These are forgeries.



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