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I’m so excited to share this latest acquisition. A rare sheet of 8 x 10” letterhead from E.M.I. Records Abbey Road Studio beautifully signed by all four of The Beatles and also by Jane Asher and Petula Clark. It has been authenticated by Frank Caiazzo. Frank has dated it to the spring of 1967 when the Beatles were in the midst of recording Sgt Pepper’s. My other sets are from 1963 and 1964. I’m very happy to now have a set from 1967, an era from which sets are comparatively rarer.


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I love it!!


A wonderful item.

That’s a fantastic item. Congrats!

Wow !!! It does not get better than this !!! Congrats !!!!!!

Too cool....nice one...congrats!!!

A great set to own. Congratulations.

Beautiful & Congratulations with your set , the signatures are solid in my opinion 

one of the nicest sets I’ve seen !

Two things. I think the reason people feel weird about this set of signatures is...because they are so perfect. Sometimes when they're that perfect, it makes you wonder. It's like...not one of the Beatles were sloppy? Did they just have all the time in the world. But...that just makes this a sweet set. And here's another thing, for anyone doubting the authenticity. NOBODY that could forge them this well, would risk ruining that, by throwing in a Jane Asher (which is a rare signature, and looks exactly like the one there), or a Petula Clark (she signed a lot; I have 10 albums signed by her). So...I say...GREAT SCORE!!!

now that is a really nice  & classy set.  congrats!!!

I know this is going to make me sound like a complete nerd with nothing better to do than analyse enlargements of pen strokes but does anyone know why Lennon has so many ink blobs at the top of his letters ("J", "o", "h", "i" and "e") whereas none of the other Beatles do? It looks like they used the same pen and applied similar pressure. You need to click on the image a couple of times to enlarge it in order to see what I mean. I'm not doubting the authenticity and actually really like this relatively rare style of Lennon, just curious.

Ringo has a blob on the O and Petula Clark has a couple. It could be the shape of the curves and that one John was one of the first signers if not the first, another of the other signers saw the blobs and cleaned off the pen tip.

Nice nice nice

Thanks, everybody! I’m am thrilled with it. 



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