I've certainly seen worse forgeries. This can't be authentic right? 

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ive seen this before don't rember were

if its real not a bad price

theres one going to auction estimated at 25-30 k so we shall see what the market is

the last one I saw sold in 2016 for about 18k in auction

COA states:  Antiquities of Florida LLC (doing business as "Starabilias")

We all know the reputation of Antiquities of Las Vegas and other places. 

Here is one that sold a few years ago (that is authentic) to compare (Frodo Lives)

thanks I new I saw it before 

Ugh. California 

The Southern California forgers strike again? 

Fortunately 2 are way off (though 2 are close(ish)).

The last vintage fully signed I saw was in late 2016 at RR which went for nearly $29k, and I think there was one around £25k the same year at another auction house.  

Just trying to learn.  How many of these fully-signed authentic albums are estimated to exist?

Fake for.me

...and to think THIS was valued at "around £500" a few weeks ago on BBC. (the owner was actually pleased with the estimate too)

Was the £500 an offer? If so, the dealer deserves to get it for that.

no it was antiques road show and that was the experts value.lol

Who was the expert? 




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