In a post way back in 2017, I mentioned that a book dealer had a signed Hard Day's Night dress for sale. The dealer still has it and has actually discounted it by 30% or so in his January sale. I'm puzzled why this has been so "tough to shift". Any thoughts on the signatures?

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I am surprised a cultural pop art museum has not purchased this. I could see it displayed at the The Beatles Museum in Liverpool. It would be the right place to preserve such an item.

I've seen my older friends die and some have left large collections to this or that Museum and then 2 years later is "divested" or whatever. When Roosevelt wrote his 1934 letter objecting to the scrapping of Mauretnia he presented his rather impressive ollection to the Smithsonian. I've seen his items bearing his stamp for sale on eBay. Other museums on the whole I have worked with are cheap and less than knowledgeable.

I have to agree with you. Some collections gifted to museum's  are stored and never see the light of day again or on sold at later time. I would like to think a museum dedicated to The Beatles would display the dress.

You raise an interesting point Eric. I am also leaving quite a number of items to museums so it is a subject close to my heart.

I guess you could say that the donor benefits the museum whether the donated items are kept or sold. Normally the donor would prefer to have the items kept of course.

I have more of a problem with the issue spaceman raises. What I really want to avoid is having my donated items getting forgotten in a museum basement. For me the key is having images of the items made available on-line and for my best items I have made sure that the chosen museum has an excellent digitalisation programme. If the items are also displayed at times and thereby make their way into printed exhibition catalogues that would be great too of course.  

Museums? Not a dog rescue organization???

Maybe Coach’s Corner can donate some of their pieces for puppy training pads.

Love it!!!

Well said spaceman. Most museums are strapped for cash but I remember the People's History Museum in Manchester organising crowd funding to buy an important suffragette banner for £20k or so. They got the cash very quickly. Don't really want this ending up in an up-market burger bar somewhere in LA.

Agree. Historical Beatle memorabilia signed by the Beatles and their manager at  the premier of their first movie which is now a cult classic. 

yes I remember the suffragette banner and there was another rare piece if I remember correctly



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