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Hi all,

What does everyone think about this Harper Lee signed book? 

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One more - Sanders, ALS, 1995:

The sanders one is nice

Here are some examples which I received directly from Ms. Lee over a 12-15 year period.  There are variations in her "H" and the spacing of other letters in almost all four examples. I, for one, think the OPs example is fine.  I have also included an image of a signed Shooting Call for the first day of filming of the movie which includes her full name.

Thank you Martin - most useful and earlier dated which is what I have been looking for.

Wow! So cool! I'm very jealous. You have amzing correspondence. I would love to own a legit Harper Lee signature. My favorite book of all time. 

Back in the early/mid-90's I wanted to get a photograph signed but it was pre-internet and I didn't have a source for a photo.  I happened to see a small magazine article on Ms. Lee that featured an early photo credited to WorldWide Photos.  Somehow I contacted them to inquire about obtaining a photograph.  The response was that an 8" X 10" photo would cost $50.  I ordered the pic and sernt it out to Ms. Lee with my request for her to sign.  In my letter I explained where I had obtained the photograph and what the cost of the picture was.  When the photo came back I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only had she signed the photograph, she also included a note which said "Mr. Peters--You was robbed!  HL"  

Incredible! One of these days I will add a Mockingbird signed book to my collection. I'm a middle school librarian and this book has always been my favorite. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I am green with envy. 

Did you manage to find a book at any point?

These are amazing Martin!

Same here. I hope one day to get her autograph—even if it’s just a signature. 

Amazing items! Lucky you!

I just found this example at Heritage Auctions current auction.  



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