I got 2 Harrison Fords Star Wars for Christmas I just wanted to see if anyone knew if these were good or not?  The reason is because they're a little different. One is on his chest which appears that he doesn't have enough room to write. The other one is written across with more letters.

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I'm trying to contact a member who is the best a Ford signatures. Hopefully he will respond. Although it seems the second Ford signature has disappeared?

I just noticed that too? I remember it and was thinking perhaps 2 threads but seems just the one. The thread I mentioned is linked below Kanmmie:

Harrison Ford Questionable Autographs by Pete Bendu

Actually the one that was suspect disappeared. This one is the one where he wrote on his chest and I want to know if this is authentic.

Where's the second Ford? I only see the full autograph.

The Bat Signal was sent up. The Indy piece is a decent in person 1990's Ford.

I don't see the second one either.

Thanks, Pete. I appreciate your input and now we know.


Did Kammie remove the second autograph?  I was looking forward to a few additional opinions about it.

I will see which one is up and I will put up the one that somehow disappeared I don't understand why.

Any other actually more conclusive opinions, fellas ??


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