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Here is a Harrison Ford I received as a part of a trade awhile back. At the time, I had no reason to suspect it. Recently I have had a number of negative responses to it's authenticity. I am requesting members here who know Ford's signature to chime in. Is the genuine or is it so atypical that reasonable minds would have serious doubts. Thank-you.

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It was value for value.....not discounting for "probably not passing" ....opinions are just that, when it comes to street graphs, any authenticator can have any opinion. Trying to guess what they may say is senseless. 

That Ford was offered without any 3rd party opinion... for a Shaw that had failed twice.

My opinion on the Ford did not matter to Joe.....so why should my opinion on the Shaw matter?

The pieces traded both failed 3rd party authentication.  

It sounds like Pete is saying that in-person autograph dealers do not guarantee their autographs to pass a TPA.  You were on the right track, Mark.  Regardless, that statement is not entirely accurate.  This discussion has totally derailed.  I suppose that my only question now is why is Joe W saying that the seller guaranteed the Harrison Ford autograph to pass a TPA, and why is Pete saying that the seller’s guarantee does not say that?  Both statements are mutually exclusive.  I am also confused about who ended up with the Robert Shaw autograph.  There are three parties involved, and only two autographs exchanging hands.  I suppose none of this really matters now.  It seems clear that Joe W will end up with the Harrison Ford autograph, and either the seller or Pete will end up with the Robert Shaw autograph.

The guarantee is written in his eBay listings. I guess what he sells on eBay has a different guarantee that other autograph venues. What good is a COA is it does not cover conventional TPA services?

If you hire an inperson autograph seeker for a consignment do you really think they are going to guarantee what is signed will pass a 3rd party authentication? Honestly?

Every single time I have asked someone to get an autograph inperson for me, they get paid if ink touches paper.  I can't say "no thanks, that signature doesn't meet my standards."

You seem to think that you should have been offered a $900 Ford that is pretty as a picture and will be undeniably "real" to all who see it.

Joe my advice to you is stick with already authenticated stuff, because all you seem to care about is stickers.  

For clarity sake.....I have nothing to do with any of this, nor do I have any of the pieces being discussed.

Joe asked me what I thought weeks ago, and K9 has been a friend for 20 years, and doesn't have an account here. 

The deal was done, Joe wants to change the rules after the fact, and drag K9's name through the mud. 

Continue this until you are all blue in the face.....I am done. 


You made things crystal clear, Pete. I'm relieved to know you had nothing to do with this. I will take my Ford and go home now.

I'm glad Pete made things crystal clear, because you weren't going to volunteer the relevant information yourself.

Now I know why you wouldn't elaborate on that Robert Shaw autograph... you misrepresented the trade by withholding the fact that you knew your Shaw autograph failed third party authentication before you traded it. 

You also misrepresented the trade by withholding the fact that you received verification from Pete before you made the trade. Multiple people in this thread mentioned him during the course of this discussion, but you sat there silent and maintained you were wronged. 

You understood the nuance that some autographs might be authentic but might not pass TPAs before you entered this agreement. Otherwise you couldn't have ethically traded a piece that did not pass a TPA.

I did not ask Pete to verify the Ford before trading. He only recommended Anthony. 

You are absolutely correct, JXE. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. How foolish of me to think an autograph should pass independent authentication.

Of course, Pete and Anthony are as close to walking on water as humanly possible in some circles. Pete verifying the Shaw as authentic has no meaning because a TPA do not pass it, correct? But the Ford does, correct?

I will put my tail between my legs and slumber away now. Take your victory lap. You deserve it. Well done!

I wish you a well with your collections. I will keep the Ford. Sleep well tonight.

At least this is now part of a public record. Others can take from it what they will. Who knows, maybe Anthony will gain a few more customers out of the deal.

Got it.  Thanks, Joe W.

The COA is pictured above....where does it say anything about 3rd party opinions?

2 parties are involved K9 got the Shaw that failed 2 opinions.

Joe got the Ford.

So you choose a $600 Ford listed on ebay.  

Yes this piece on ebay has a guarantee to pass 3rd party authentication. 

Still not a pretty sit down Ford, yet still far more valuable than the one you got and far more valuable than the Shaw cut.

because he has made a guarantee on a piece on ebay .....why would anyone just think everything falls into the same category?

Celebrities can sign beautiful full autographs and celebrities can sign a check mark, No dealer will make that guarantee on every piece that they obtain. 

Lesser signatures will be sold for far less money and or traded for problem pieces. 

This is common sense, is it not?  

I would not have bought it/traded for it simply because it is atypical and very poor contrast/quality IMHO, which is another kind of problem peice I avoid.



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