Hi everyone, I'm not a collector nor do I plan to be...just looking for a gift and a real MJ would be awesome. I'm not familiar with good COA's and bad ones..this one comes with one from PAAS..I'm just nervous because it's a pretty low price for a Michael autograph, I would think. Though maybe it's because people bid at the very last few minutes? Thanks for any help or advice!

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Looks good to me.  The Michael part is a little "iffy" but the Love and Jackson portion are spot on imo.

Is it normal for the price to be that low for a Michael Jackson or do you think it's because it's still got time left on the listing?

There is time left on it so who knows what it will end up at.  As I've said to others in the past, the person I would run this by, if I were to be interested in purchasing would be Roger Epperson (I sound like a broken record--sorry Roger :)  After I actually decipher if I hate or like one--and physically compare it to known authentics, if I were to be interested in bidding or purchasing an item I would do a "Quick Opinion" with Roger (he does this for a living so he has a small fee for a quick opinion).

Really similar to mine!

If you look at their feedback, they have sold a lot of MJ autographs. All way below what a genuine MJ usually costs.

I´m absolutly no expert on MJ:s signature, but that´s a red flag for me.

Hopefully more members will help out!

They actually have sold some pretty expensive ones too (and also have some now listed that are pricey - including an Epperson approved one).  I think on this seller... to me it is going to depend on the signature (it says they consign--and they only have 27 for a feedback)--but I have been known to have been fooled by a really good one.  The characteristics in the Love and Jackson--look dead on to me.  It almost looks like he might have moved or something when doing the Michael.  Wish I could see the ones they sold in the past. 

It looks like You had an opinion on them in the past Don :)  (I knew the sellers name was familiar) 

You're right Wascher, I have asked about this seller before.

I remember that members in the thread and others via private messages said that the MJ I asked about (and The Memorabilia Vault sold) were all bad fakes.

These autographs were taken down by ebay and Memorabilia Vault said, as a defense, that they were certified by GA and as many members here know, that's not a good thing...

As said, I don't have the knowledge to comment on the MJ:s they sell now. But the feedback looks strange to me and the MJ:s I asked about in the previous thread were deemed as fakes!

Hey - you don't have to convince me on GA/GAI  :) 



What about the COA? is it a good one? Thanks for the advice

Mike Frost is on our forum.  He owns Paas. 

Dang. Now I'm confused...not sure what to make of this. Is PAAS reputable?

Selling too many of one person= usually faking it. And MJ usually runs about a grand on ebay. If I had that money I would buy from someone legit like Roger



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