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I bought this from this guy for $400. And he told me that he got the signatures in person and it had a Beckett certificate of authentication with it. This is what came in the mail today. Definitely can't trust the coa. But, the signatures could be good. I'm no Cars expert. Please let me know what you think. 

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He sold you an item with Beckett and it doesn't have it? Return right there.

Here are your images, cropped and oriented. It is funny that "COA" says "The United States of America"...

I Thought it was funny it said that too! Looks like they wanted it to resemble a dollar bill for some reason. Anyways hope you're well Eric, I haven't been chatting much because I haven't found anything that interests me yet, hoping for some new signed stuff to come out.

Hi Mike,

Good to hear from you. I am laid up with sciatica/lumbago and RSV in my lungs so not so not. How have you been?

I've been doing alright, been watching a lot of comedy stuff. I had to look up two of those things because I didn't know what they meant, are they able to fix that RSV thing? Not trying to pry just want you to be healthy, wishing you well!

Thank you Mike. :-)

The RSV will hopefully go away as I have no desire to be in the hospital (54 is not 24 with this). The pinched nerve might need surgery which I'd just as soon not have. :/

I also have been watching a lot of  politics. ;)

Where's the Beckett COA?  🤔

The COA pictured has no address or contact details for the issuer and doesn't mention recourse if found to be not authentic.  But the paper is pretty. 😁

These appear poor forgeries by one hand.

If I got the signatures in person I would never bother with any COA...

What Eric said

Autographs Network was an infamous forgery seller that was previously called Autographs America.

What recourse do you have? How did you pay? Where did you buy this? 



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