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Hildur Guðnadóttir, Cate Blanchett, Todd Field, & Sophie Kauer signed Art Prints

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Looks amazing, thank you Jor-El. Still waiting for mine to arrive, really looking forward to it.

Curious if anyone received #1. I always wonder if they send those out or keep it for themselves.

I actually received #2, which is from the German store. Not quite #1 but needless to say I feel blessed. I didn't order immediately so numbers have been dispatched at random. Really good quality and a superb value for money.


I know it doesn't mean anything in terms of quality, but I have a thing for numbers.

My numbers don’t match on either of my sets. Three of the prints have the same number, one is different. That’s odd. Not complaining. Just weird. 

My US order is off as well. 2 prints one number, 2 another number. But both of my Germany store orders match up.

I didn't think to check the numbers on the other prints. I'll go and have a look at my set from the German store.

all of mine have matching numbers in the mid 30s

I just received mine and have to say I am really blown away with how incredible these look! I mean, this is definitely one of the nicest pre-orders I’ve ever gotten. The prints came out gorgeous!

Mine arrived yesterday. Beautiful prints. Amazing quality for the price. I received 20/300…

My set ordered from the German store arrived with all of the prints damaged (badly creased/folded on top right hand corner and slightly on bottom right). The vinyl was packed in its own flat box inside the larger outer box, but the prints were inexplicably in a flimsy sleeve with no other protection, and thus left to bounce around the outer box all the way to the US from Germany. The outer box was also the worse for wear. All very disappointing.

I had also ordered a set from the US store and at the time thought it was a silly waste of $$ to double up. Now I am relieved. Those prints were packed with the vinyl together in a flat box and thus completely fine.

What are your plans for the damaged copies? I’m absolutely gutted I missed out on this one!


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