Honest opinions on authenticity of this Mickey Mantle American League autographed baseball?

Is this “The Mick”? I am seeking honest and factual opinions on the authenticity of this Mickey Mantle autographed baseball. I recently purchased this at a local antique store, it was too close of a call for me to make in store so I went ahead and took the gamble and purchased it. Please let me know your opinion on the authenticity, I’ve seen many examples where this could or could not be a true and authentic autograph. Part of me thinks sending to BGS or PSA might be worth it to know for sure, but wanted to get opinions first. 

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I do not believe this is authentic. The banana “M’s” are a dead giveaway.

I’m struggling using that as the only factor to rule this as a fake. I’ve seen other authenticated autographs that look nearly identical in the shape of me “M”s. Such as this one: https://www.sportsmemorabilia.com/signed_mickey_mantle_baseball_-_u...

sorry but that mantle in the link you posted is not identical to the forgery in the OP.  remember, forgeries are intended to fool collectors so of course there will be similarities.  but these are drastically different.

Undoubtedly a banana Mantle fake. The banana shaped flags under the Ms is just the most obvious tell in this style fake, but there are many others. The sharp and compressed “ick”… the squeezed “an” etc etc. 

I appreciate the explanation! I shall continue my hunt for the mick. 

as Steve said, no doubt, 100% forgery

Very, very fake.



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