The black printed line is on top of the blue signature. Is this a color copy?

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You are best to maintain one discussion on this subject only, only creating new topics makes what you are intending to figure out confusing. 

Just reply and add photos to your initial posting. Maybe someone can help, but if it is a legal matter you may want to seek professional opinions.  

Take a look at this closeup. 

Better images are needed. See your other posts for how and it would be best to have just a single discussion/thread.

This is likely an optical illusion. When ink lines intersect, the darker one often appears to be on top, even if it is not. 

Indeed, especially if the blue ballpoint ink is even slightly translucent in comparison to the jet black line. This is observed in painting.

For me, the easiest indicator is to compare the "shine" of the two inks. Hold the paper under a light, look closely, and tilt it back and forth until the angle reflects the light off the ink. Printer ink reflects light differently than ballpoint pen ink, so one should look shinier than the other. Pre-printed signatures are usually very easy to spot this way.

Also, I would expect paper signed by a pen to leave minor pressure marks on the paper. Depending on the pressure used by the signer, it might be visible from the back; or you might be able to lightly pinch the paper, slide your fingers back and forth over the signature, and feel the texture of it.

it could be the black line is printed after the autograph ''many in person collectors use just a blank photopaper and let it sign and after that they print for example a movie script front page. just a thought.


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