I am looking to buy a black Patrick mahomes Jersey that has a beckett quick opinion that says likely to pass authentication how reliable is that it is it worth taking the chance to buy the item

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When the Buy, Sell and Trade forum was open autographs could not be sold on the strength of a Quick Opinion.

Quick opinions are hit and miss. Not to be trusted.

100% true

I was pretty sure that was the case. The seller does have all positive reviews and offers a gurantee if it doesnt pass authentication. Ill post the posting if anyone knows anything about his signature or anything

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I don't see how that signature could be reliably authenticated by ANYONE. It's a block letter P with three short lines after it. It wouldn't take a master forger to make a replica indistinguishable from the original.

For a signature like this, I would stick to a witnessed signing, that is, a company Mahomes signs for commercially. 

JEEZ yall respond so fast on here its great lol.Thanks i did some comparing from authentic signatures.and it definitely looked a bit off. I need to look up what companies he signs for unless anyone here knows. 

I recently submitted an item I was interested in to both the Beckett and PSA quick opinions. The Beckett came back as Likely Not Authentic and the PSA as Likely Authentic. Not a huge amount of money, but a lesson to trust my own instincts and the feedback I may receive in posting an image on this board.

Yeah this. Board helped a lot om definitely gonna pass on it

As I said before: quick opinions are a money making exercise. Toss a coin if you want a more reliable answer.



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