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Got my refund today. I guess I’m glad it was damaged for a fake signature. They didn’t even ask for it back which tells me they know what bs they were selling. 

So mine arrived today and I opened it up ready to take a pic and request the refund.  However, this is what I got and it doesn't look like the fakes (at least not like the clearly obvious ones anyway).  Any opinions on this?  To be honest I'm kind of leaning towards it being real, but hoping to have some better trained eyes take a look at it.

That clearly resembles the authentic example from the pics a few posts back.

I'd lean towards real too. Join the racc Facebook group and ask for feedback 

Thanks for the input and advice, I did a post there as well.

Just got mine today. Real or fake?

Attachments: No photo uploads here


100% authentic.

I'm still waiting for my package to arrive. Fingers crossed that my order is also the read deal \m/

Is anyone else still waiting on a reply from TSL? I'm getting a feeling they are ignoring my emails

Yes. First they gave me the runaround, now they are ignoring me. 

I just got a response from TSL today that said they escalated it to Ruffnation and a refund had been authorized. Hopefully you’ll get similar feedback today

Yes, out of nowhere I received the same response. Good thing, I was ready to fight them hard. 

Jor-El, did you receive the same response?



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