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He's signing the inside of the vinyl

Thanks for the heads-up. Let's hope he signed a new batch and decided on the front this time. 

Awesome, thank you! This makes up for the cancellation I just got for the Ghostface Killah book from B&N.

Awesome. Got 1. Thx! 

Back in stock just picked one up.

The original link doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. Here's a new one 


Yep they're signed on the inside and they did not wait for the ink to dry on mine before closing the vinyl. 

These look off

Looking at others online that are authenticated, you may be right. 

Doesn't look like either of mine in person

Good catch, when I 1st saw these I did a double take but never looked into it since we are so busy. It may have become one I set aside and forget to look into so I really appreciate you posting about this.

I'm not home to check mine but looking at the example above. I'd immediately question the flow 1st and not the style only because I'm not familiar with his signature. There are signs this may have been signed slowly which may not be a normal characteristic. Most noticeable in the way the I was signed below. This aside, the overall style does seem off after a quick 5 minutes of research. This really deserves to be looked at more closely. 

This is mine 



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