Interpunk purchases for Red Hot Chili Peppers Return Of The Dream Canteen

I feel its best for all of us who ordered through Interpunk to have a separate organized post related to our purchases with Interpunk.

I've created this thread because of the countless amount of reviews for Interpunk, spanning many years, of customers not receiving their items. If they are lucky enough to ever receive a reply, they are given bogus store credit which causes another runaround. However, there have been a few instances reported where customers do end up receiving their items but usually not without a fight. I feel its best to band together as a community, everyone who made this purchase, please contribute with a post to show how strong we are to aid in this potential fight. My plan is to have something in place to show Interpunk that we will not stand for this. I will contact them and send a direct link to this thread once there is activity. I suggest everyone do the same

Please  reserve this thread for ONLY Interpunk concerns

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Yeah, it was late at night when I saw it and just jumped without even paying attention I guess, I know as soon as I posted it here people started commenting about it being a scam site but I waited it out just in case.

Glad I got my 2 in person

I got my refund the same moment I clicked Submit. They must be aware of the issues with this seller.

Same here!  As soon as I clicked submit it said they were refunding my payment. They must have been flooded with disputes.

Im wondering if I did something wrong? I have to wait for a response

I was also wondering if I did something wrong because I’m waiting for a response as well.

I just went back into my account, It gave me the option to have Paypal step in. That option was not there last night.. My transaction is now under review

That's where I'm at as well.

I just got a refund for the CD. Keep an eye out if you haven’t received your refund yet. 

same, thru a Paypal dispute.. they finally just sided with me and sent a refund

What a joke, did anyone else just get this email from Interpunk?

Thank you for placing an order at on Sep 20. We just wanted to give you an order status update.
For your order #4617120, the item listed below is currently out of stock:

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Return Of The Dream Canteen (Very Limited Autographed / Star Signed)CD
  » Restock Expected In ~1 Week

As soon as we receive this item, we will immediately ship out your order.

If you would like to replace the above item with other items, or to change the shipping method (currently Media Mail), please click below.

That guy should be in jail. Clearly something is not working over there.



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