I came across a store called Autographs Authentication Store (autographsauthenticationstore.com). They seem to have a very large selection of autographs of all kinds, including Beatles autographs. Does anyone know if this is a legit dealer?

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This is my first post and I want to say how extremely grateful I am to find this message board and thread. I almost spent over $1200 on a signed The Godfather album, along with multiple signed Phil Collins and Genesis albums and a signed Genesis drumhead. I had all the items in the cart last night and decided to do some research. I first discovered that the third party authentication service The site linked seemed sketchy. I then pulled up a satellite view of the Las Vegas address listed on the website and it was a subdivision home. I then discovered this thread and my mind was easily made. 

The new website this scam artist is using is a-authentication dot com. 

the web address listed at the beginning of this thread links right to the new website address. 

Well done for doing some research and glad you didn't buy anything. Hopefully, others will follow your lead and if you're going to buy anything I recommend posting images of the items here first and members will happily share opinions. Good luck in your future collecting

Thank you. Sadly, I own a couple pieces from Antiquities of Las Vegas and I noticed there wasn’t anything positive about them on a thread here I found. 

I own a Sopranos signed baseball bat, a signed drum legends drum head, and a signed Goodfellas poster. 

any chance you could post some photo's from the sopranos and goodfellas...i have a few in mine collection and like to compare these with yours. some company's ''believe it or not'' selling all fakes and some have a mix of genuine and fakes so maybe yours are good. hope i can help you.

sorry for my late reply but think i did not see it in mine mail...first of all these frames are great and i love them but not sure about the autographs although they come very close. the baseball bat could do in my opinion - dont think the garden state plaque is good - the de niro on the poster doesn't look good either. but again i love how they make these frames.

Here is the new url  of A+ Authentication.


Here is the new return policy:

Items ordered can be returned, no questions asked, within 120 days of sale. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee if cancelled in first 30 days. An additional 10% restocking fee per month will be charged if cancelled after 30 days.


I can confirm this is another Brian Burkel from MMP Collectibles website.

His old website http://autographsauthenticationstore.com redirects you to the FBI internet crimes complaint form.

Another clone scam website: https://autographs-authentication.com/ Buyers beware.



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