I’ve been looking for a Heath Ledger autograph, and I want to make sure my money is well spent. I’m new to this and would appreciate everyone’s thoughts. 


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This is not an authentic Heath Ledger autograph and much of what I seen on that website is fake.

Does this look authentic? 

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Im not a fan of this. Ledger's autograph was all sharp angles in the late 90's when he was signing his full signature... but this version, which began in the 2000's, tends to be much more rounded and flowing with a very distinct d/g in ledger. This one posted doesn't fit what I would expect from this style. 

The Hollywood Autographs website is offering a Prince signed photo for $199.99.  Real Prince signed photos usually go for over $4000.

They have a John Lennon autograph for $500.  A Lennon cut autograph...just on a piece of paper...sold on eBay Auction format for over $3000 just last week.

Also...a Heath Ledger full sig autograph sold for over $1000 on eBay in July with JSA authentication.

Enough said.

did search on the hollywood site and think most are fakes but many collectors would not see it...

for a real ledger you have to spend around 900$



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